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Application Field

Chemical Factory, Automobile Painting, Paint Manufacturing Company, Wire Manufacturing, Plastic Film/Bottle Manufacturing, Sewage and Excreta Treatment Plant, Polluted Soil Treatment, Reducing of Vapors after Sterilizing at Commercial Hospital, Food Manufacturing Factory, Print House, Fiber Dyeing, Building Air Cleaning Unit, Noxious Gas Treatment being generated at a Semi-Conductor or Flat Display (OLED&LCD/TFT) Manufacturing Factory, Other Sources, etc.


  • Appearance : Honeycomb
  • Standard Size : 150x150x50~150mm
  • Color : Dark gray
  • Cell density : 200cpsi~400cpsi


Reaction Mechanism

Gas Mechanism
TVOCs / Total Volatile Organic Compounds VOC + O2 → xCO2 + yH2O
THCs / Total Hydro Carbons CxHy + O2 → xCO2 + yH2O