about Company

Hanso Inc., as a specialty company on materials, strives towards a greener future with its core in the “Nano-air molecular diversity platform technology”.
Under the motto of “GreenLife Green World,” the company strives to reduce carbon emissions with “green” management. All the products are researched and developed and manufactured by the company. Hanso manufactures its innovative products for air pollution reduction and toxic gas removal in various industries.

Now, I would like to introduce our main products:

First, we localized the low-temperature catalysts based on metal oxides for the first time in the country. These are actively utilized in the industry.

Second, we manufacture the adsorbents to remove toxic gases produced in the manufacturing process of semiconductors, solar power panels, and LED. This is our effort to promote the industry to grow further while abiding to the relevant regulations.

Third, we researched and developed and manufacture the adsorbents for military and civilian purposes and disasters, which have been receiving great reviews. Specifically, the Activated Carbon Adsorbent for Gas Mask Purification Cylinders is localized for the first time in the country and is under the process of commercialization in the Korean army.

Fourth, we launched our BioCare System products recently; they are the UV-C Air Sterilization Purifier, the Bio-Decontamination System, the Portable Biology Particle Collection Device, and the Sensor for Toxic Chemical Agents. These products will increase our quality of life, as our world is going to be continuously threatened by different bacteria and viruses. All our BioCare System products use the Korean military technology and are acknowledged for their stellar performance.

As people live longer now, people would want quality of life. Hanso will strive to protect different industrial sites and the Earth as a “Green” Company and maximize the company’s value. Hanso Inc. will continuously work with others to protect our environment.

Thank you.


  • NameSang Woong Kim
  • Academic Texas Tech., Ph.D.
  • ExperiencesUCLA Post Doctor, Principal Research Scientist at LG Chem Research Institute
  • Be AwardedMinister of the Environment, Minister of the Small and Medium Business Administration