about Company

Company Name HANSO, INC.
Found July 07, 2000
President Sang Woong Kim, Ph.D.
Location 149, Jukdong-Ro, Yuseong-Gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea, 34127
Patented Technology Nano Air Molecular Diversity Technology, Nano Air Molecular Diversity Platform Technology, Oxidation-Sterilization Technology, Catalyst Platform and Engineering Technology
Principal Customers Samsung Electronics, Woong Jin Chemicals, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc., LG chemicals, SK Innovation, Inc., etc
Business Areas Advanced Materials
Low-temperature catalyst for reducing air pollution
Chemical Adsorbents for reducing harmful industrial gases
Chemical Adsorbents used for military, disaster and industrial gas mask canisters
Air Sterilization Purifier(Xout Virus)
Bio-Decontamination System(Xout Virus Pro)
Portable Biological Particle Collection Device(Xtie Bioparticles)
Portable Harmful Gas Removing Device(PA-System)
Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer(Xdie Germ)
Certifications INNO-Biz Company(AA Class)
Venture Company
Specialized Parts and Materials Company
Export Promising Small and Medium Company
Daejeon City Promising Small and Medium Company
High Technology Company
High Credit Rating Company
IBK Innovate Company
Maegyeong Excellent Venture Company
Company of the Best Venture Class of the Federation of Korean Industrials
Invested by Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Invested by Chong Kun Dang group
Invested by Hanyang ENG Co., Ltd.