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Application Field

Breathing Mask for Fire Fighting, Breathing Gas for Scuba Diving, Industrial Gas Mask, Emergency Escape Mask, Reducing CO from the Refrigerant(He) used for the Ultra-low Temperature Type, CO Reducing Filter for the Air Cleaning Unit(Home/Building/Office) and CO Reducing Filter for Air-conditioner, Apartment Boiler, Combustion facility, Incinerator, Generating Unit, Cement Factory, etc.


  • Appearance & Size : Pellet (ø=3.3, more)
  • Color : Dark brown
  • Bulk density : 0.69~0.72g/cc
  • Crush strength : > 4.0kgf/㎠
  • Recomm. operating temp. : 25~160℃
  • Upper temp. limit : < 340℃


Reaction Mechanism

Gas Mechanism
CO / Carbon Monoxide xCO + O2 → xCO2